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S3000 Series

    S3000 Rental BC, heavy duty ( CE Approval )

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Item No. Size Lift Capacity Waist Size
90164.51 XS 12.3kgf.(=27.1lbf,=120N) 25--32 (inch)
90164.52 S 14.3kgf.(=31.4lbf,=140N) 29--36 (inch)
90164.53 M 17.4kgf.(=38.2lbf,=170N) 33--40 (inch)
90164.55 L 22.5kgf.(=49.5lbf,=220N) 37--44 (inch)
90164.56 XL 27.6kgf.(=60.7lbf,=270N) 41--48 (inch)
¡ñ Heavy duty 1000 Denier bladder material for superior strength and durability.
¡ñ 1680D nylon non-fade pack cloth.
¡ñ Duraflex buckle.
¡ñ Octopus series velcro, it can increase 10% peel and shear strengths in water.
¡ñ Two stainless steel D-rings on shoulder, two plastic D-rings on bottom .
¡ñ Pockets: Two side pockets, with adjustable Velcro closure for accommodating goods.
¡ñ Waist band: Adjustable cummerbund ensures snug fit at any depth. Soft EPE foam are used inside     the waist band, getting a comfortable fit.
¡ñ Shoulder strap: Adjustable shoulder strap with 1.5" side release buckle.
¡ñ Sternal strap: Adjustable sternal strap with 1" double adjustable buckle.
¡ñ Waist strap: Adjustable waist strap with 1.5£¢double adjustable buckle.
¡ñ CE certificate.
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